Addressing scientific & and methodological challenges in connectivity conservation planning

Connectivity conservation has made great strides in recent years, gaining traction with the public and benefiting from the development of numerous user-friendly analytical tools. However, scientific and methodological challenges remain: movement data is available for only a limited number of species, model parameter estimation & validation are difficult, as is objectively weighing connectivity considerations against other conservation priorities. We are bringing practitioners and methodology innovators together to discuss the current state and future possibilities for connectivity conservation planning, and identify priorities for future work on connectivity conservation planning methods.

We began the conversation with an IALE 2020 symposium on addressing scientific & methodological challenges in connectivity conservation planning. Zoom link here for conference attendees.

We are also investigating the sensitivity of distance-weighted sum connectivity metrics to assumptions about species’ dispersal and the land cover data used to define habitat quality and connectivity. Read more in our IALE 2020 iPoster.