Antimicrobial stewardship programs reduce daily prescribing variability in academic ICUs

Postdoctoral project. Centre for Disease Modelling at York University.
Project Lead: Linda Dresser (MSH/UHN Antimicrobial Stewardship Program)
Collaborators: M. McIntyre, S. Nelson, N. Ferguson, S. Lapinsky, N. Lazar, S. Mehta, L. Burry, J. Singh, C. Bell and A.M. Morris

Antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASP) aim to optimize antimicrobial therapy through knowledge translation and changing prescribing behavior. ASP’s have previously demonstrated an impact on antimicrobial consumption in academic ICU’s but the influence on prescribing patterns has not been measured. We examined the impact of an ASP on the variation in daily antimicrobial use before and after implementation in two academic medical-surgical intensive care units. ASP using prospective audit and feedback rounds in academic ICU’s was associated with decreased variability in prescribing patterns. This impact was sustained over time and with a decrease in the ASP intervention frequency.

We presented this work at AMMI Canada (Apr 2016, Vancouver, BC), and in a poster at the Critical Care Canada Forum 2015 (Oct 25, Toronto, Ontario).