I am a research scientist in the Landscape Science and Technology Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada, developing landscape dynamic models to support conservation planning. My work with Apex Resource Management Solutions included R package development, land cover change modelling, and caribou demographic modelling. My work with the MSH+UHN Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and the York Centre for Disease Modelling included development of indices to summarize the impact of antibiotic resistance on empiric therapy, modelling the impact of antibiotic de-escalation strategies, and analysis of variation in resistance over time and among units. My PhD work with Marie-Josée Fortin included investigation of the effects of landscape configuration on spatial models of host-parasitoid population dynamics, development of an approximation technique to simplify integrodifference model analysis and parameter estimation, and analysis of the effects of jack pine budworm defoliation on pollen cone production. My work with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations included development and analysis of a provincial-scale mountain pine beetle projection model. More generally, my interests include:

  • The use of evidence to inform policy and practice.
  • Data analysis: Space and time. Large data sets. Software development.
  • Ecological modelling: Design, implementation, parameter estimation, analysis and interpretation. Software development.
  • Population dynamics: Dispersal. Effects of landscape structure. Outbreaks and cycles. Evolution.

See selected projects for examples.
Find all the details in my CV.

I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario.


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